Approach & Process

Making a statement in today’s world can be challenging, as millions of individuals and companies are competing for attention on a daily basis. Stiff competition for reactions, sales, and votes means you need to outside the box when it comes to drafting a communications strategy. From your website’s design to your social media aesthetic and overall public presentation, you have to pull out all the stops, but most importantly, you have to be authentic, personal, and relatable. Below is a brief overview of how I help you achieve just that.


The Approach

 To effectively achieve the above in this digital world, I work from three points of light:

Digital Strategy: From interactive websites that feel like apps to engaging social content that tells your story and provides value, your digital strategy will revolve around laying out your digital footprint in a way that embodies your unique cosmic vibration and attracts followers from all over the world to join your tribe.

Authenticity Development: From brand development to establishing your voice and helping you discover your true self, the coaching aspect digs deep into the psyche of your brand — be it corporate, political, or personal. The goal is to discover your soul identity and bring it into the forefront for authentic communication, branding, and connection.

Message Cultivation: Whether it’s a policy product for a legislator to review, a social post to inspire action, or an op-ed or guest blog for thought leadership, the message cultivation process leverages all mediums to streamline your message and achieve your goals through the use of classical and modern propaganda tools.

The Process

The process is a three-fold transformation experience:

Strategy: This part of the project is all about research and planning. From competitor analysis to color theory and one-on-one discovery, various research and analysis methods are employed to draft a thorough and inspired strategic communications strategy.

Execution: This part of the process is all about putting the plan into action. Designing the logo. Building the website. Setting up or updating the social media infrastructure. Running the social media ads. Reaching out to influencers and media contacts. Working with you on thought leadership. Partnering with top specialists to ensure execution is efficient and brings optimal results. Using your message to change the world.

Coaching: I work with you (and your team, if needed) one-on-one to keep you clear, motivated, and authentic. You’ll be held accountable and challenged to step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll also learn how to use social media and perform media outreach for yourself so that once you don’t need me anymore, you can feel confident managing your messaging on your own. That’s right. I don’t want to tie you to me forever. I want to transform you and set you free, but I’ll always be here if you need me.

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