Who We Are

We are patriots, creatives, and strategists who believe in advocating for and protecting humanity’s unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our mission is to help forward thinking political candidates get elected, encourage productive dialogue between the public and private sectors, and bridge the gap between the tech sector and government in order to defend American interests at home and abroad.


We possess a keen sensitivity to culture and leverage scholarship as well as experience to cultivate strategies and solutions that not only help clients hit targets but also elevate their campaigns and communications to the highest levels of integrity and inspiration. Our clients are mission oriented and purpose driven political candidates, government officials, non-profits, personal brands, tech companies and organizations who contribute to elevating planetary consciousness and liberating humanity.


We leverage our talents in digital outreach, authenticity development, and message cultivation to help our clients connect with their audiences, convert doubters into believers, and conquer every challenge on the way to success.

Pillars of Success


Brand authenticity along with personal resonance are key to magnetizing audiences. The goal is to connect at the soul level and pull people in.


From opposition to supporters. From undeciders to voters. From misers to donors. From lookers to buyers. The goal is to convert support and build loyalty.


Whether it’s big and loud or small and meaningful, by a large margin or by the skin of our teeth – winning is winning. The goal is to hit targets and conquer all.