Political Consulting

According to Clotaire Rapaille in his book The Culture Code, the “code” for the American president is “Moses.” If you want to win, then the people need to see you as a holy and blessed leader — a patriarch or matriarch — who can lead America to the promised land of milk, honey, and abundance.

21st century campaigning brings a twist though: you can’t be just any old Moses or political professional. You have to be raw, authentic, and inspiring. Audiences are no longer going for the cookie cutter, ultra-corporate approach to content. They just aren’t buying it. Voters want to know who you are, which means you have to stop hiding behind flowery terminology and perfect angles.

You need to be open. You need to be emotional. You need to connect. Your message needs to resonate. Your audience needs to be inspired. Your policies need to solve problems. Let’s gamble with your truth!

Digital Strategy

It’s a brave new world and it’s you against the clock, the lobbyists, the public, and the hashtags. Get ahead of the game with a stellar digital strategy that shows voters, supporter, and your opponents that you’re covering all the bases with a polished and coordinated campaign that actually resonates with the people.

Your strategy is about connection, not conversions, as you understand that connection is what converts. Make an impact. Meet the people where they are. Gamble with your truth!

Message Cultivation

So, how do you connect? How do you inspire? How do you present a raw and unfiltered version of yourself that resonates with the people while maintaining a professional and honorable stance?

Message cultivation.

We work together, one-on-one, to carefully cultivate a message that is not only authentic to you and your vision but is also inspiring and places your ideas, policies, and platform on the pedestal that they deserve.

Let’s gamble!

Meet The Cultured Scholar

The Professional

Felicia S. C. Gooden is a Transformation and Political Strategist specializing in digital strategy, authenticity development, and message cultivation. She has worked with personal brands, tech companies, and international humanitarian NGOs as well as consulted on Republican and Independent political campaigns.



Education and Training

  • B.S. Government: Politics and Policy – Liberty University
    • Magna Cum Laude​

  • A.A. Religion – Liberty University

  • Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime (course) – University of Glasgow


Brand Positioning

Resonance begins with brand recognition. Who are you? What do you stand for? From creating a visual appeal that captivates viewers to honing in on and grounding your unique voice for all to hear, your position and person will become a force of nature that, win or lose, no one will forget.


Digital Strategy

A well informed and strategic digital plan will be a key component of your campaign as well as the tenure of your public service career. It’s more than cool memes and hashtags. It’s an eternal imprint of your unique vibration upon the consciousness of mankind. When we play this game, we play to win. Let’s make it count!


Public Affairs

 Public affairs goes to infinity and beyond. From crafting op-eds and public statements to planning which content goes where and what new event will change the pace of your campaign or the direction of your reputation in the face of a scandal, together we will ensure your public persona and brand remains air tight and captivating.


Clients and Testimonials

Discretion is valued at The Cultured Scholar. Thus, all current clients remain privately listed. Below are previous clients.

Political Campaign


Branding, content messaging, and digital strategy

Personal Brand


Social media management and media placement

International humanitarian NGO

Social media management and digital content

"Felicia is very wise. Her strategic messaging and general consulting really helped my build my campaign. She was the wind beneath my wings!"

Anthony Piland
Political Candidate

"Felicia taught me so much about social media and challenged me to face my fear of putting myself out there. She gave my voice meaning, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!"

Anna Ames
Personal Brand Client

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